Chi Siamo


  “Saline&Natura” is an association established in 2011 by  a group of enthusiastic young people who deeply  attached to the history, tradition and  beautiful scenery of their land , aim to  rediscover and valorize their  cultural identity.

It is not an exaggeration to state that our future and the survival of animals and vegetation  living in  our  area rely on the salt pans.

Our challenge is to conciliate the need of tourism with the safeguard of our  environmental, cultural and architectural  resources involving  all people  caring  about our territory and promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development.

We believe  that our  future depends on a  responsible use of our land which implies  respect and a knowledge of  the ecosystem of the saltpans , preventing the natural rhythms of environment and human activity from alteration.

Our task  as association, but first of all as citizens, is to pass on this immense patrimony to future generations by promoting  sustainable tourism and providing  education and outreach services that help travelers   experience and enjoy in a responsible way the Nature Reserve of Saltpans of Trapani and Paceco.


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