Saline&Natura provides guided tours on demand. Choose you tour and contact  us :

Phone number :+39 342-3649048


We recommend comfortable and appropriate clothing. Avoid bright colors and choose camouflaged colors or subdued shades of brown, green and gray  that match natural surroundings .

During the hot season, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun; in autumn and winter , we recommend to wear windbreaker because windy days are frequent in our area .

A good pair of binoculars and/or your telescope will prove useful to observe easily animals without disturbing them.

Be a good citizen at the Nature Reserve of Saltpans and follow the following rules during your visit.

Visitors are always required to be  respectful  to  the environment and to people working here.

Visitors are not permitted to :

1.     Capture, kill, injure and disturb any wild animal;
2.     hunt, catch animals and birds and disturb wildlife; disturb or catch any vertebrate or invertebrate animal; take ,damage, destroy nests, eggs, breeding sites or resting places of such a wild animal; such activities are permitted exclusively in compliance with the current Reserve Regulations and  subject to prior authorization from management;
3.      pick parts of, or cut, chop off, uproot, damage or destroy any plant specimen;  unless prior permission has been given by the management;
4.     alter the natural balance of biological communities by introducing alien species into native fauna and flora;
5.      drop litter outside the bins;
6.     introduce hunting weapons, explosives and other means to  capture or damage animals;
7.     camp;
8.     use motor vehicles on the  trails and levees;
9.      stray from the paths.

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