“Where Nature and Work of Man Meet “

“What exciting experience to  admire the salt-works, emblem of a territory whose fulcrum is Nubia, where thousands of birds find their food and shelter; to be impressed by the colors of the water or by the breath-taking sunsets; to look at the spectacular piles of salt covered with ancient tiles. That’s what makes us proud of our territory  and what we  wish  the visitors  experience.

The landscape of salt pans is the fruit of the laborious art  of the salt workers, who have succeeded in interpreting the resources of nature since ancient times .
People travel for different reasons and in different ways . But whatever their destination  or their motivation, they can always choose to be either respectful  to the environment or unconcerned about it.
Ecotourism implies essential attitudes such as understanding, tolerance  and respect towards  every form of life; it is not simply a holiday in nature: it is responsible tourism which conserves the environment and sustains  the well-being of local people .

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